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魔法夜派對     VR遊戲     單人、多人連線     普遍級





Are you ready for a magnificent MAGIC FIGHT ? Come to join the multiplayer VR game "Magic Night Party "!

Under the starry sky , you are about to against the pumpkin ghost , evil witch and other monsters with your magic stick !

For conquer the magic world that built by evil witch , you got to watch each other's back in this VR fantacy world , so don't forget your magician friend ! The member in the party could be 2 to 4 people .


The purpose we made this game is to let muilty people play together in a VR shooting game .


In this factacy and fairy tale world , you and your magician friends could play the role who got different property of spell . Since this is a co-op game . All of you can beat various kinds of monsters and cure each other by using your own abilty and potion .


What are you waiting for ? Swing your magic stick , and enjoy this game !

​Character introduction


Game screen